Steve Ballmer says tech companies should be as accountable as NBA teams

Do you think the presentation of numbers will really change everything? Before the post-retirement period, I used to think: problems, solutions, answers. Now, it’s part of fostering dialogue, fostering discussion, helping us to be better off. As opposed to, “Solve it.” You can say, “Okay. We think that equality of this opportunity is important to … Read more

Airbnb’s plan to attract 100,000 people in need

Founder Joe Gebbia is leading the responsibility of helping ensure every refugee is greeted with a warm welcome – through an Airbnb server. For the past five years, Airbnb has participated in emergencies – earthquakes in Japan, or wildfires in Canada – to connect volunteer hosts with those in need. Everything is pretty rudimentary by … Read more

Inside One Founder Personal Fast Club

Last November, Phil Libin stopped eating. The idea came to him during a coffee session with his friend Loïc Le Meur. A fellow businessman, Le Meur is in the middle of three quick days, and he can’t stop talking about it. Health benefits! Weight loss! Longer life! It sounds crazy. “I decided to go home … Read more

“Airbnb’s Sheryl Sandberg” is the Valley’s Quiet Superpower

“She really taught me that you always talk to people. She’s like secretary of state, ”Chesky said. This shredding method, led by Johnson, has evolved Airbnb from the brainchild of the young trio of founders (Chesky, chief technology officer Nathan Blecharczyk and product manager Joe Gebbia) into a corporate governance cost 25 billion dollars. Many … Read more

First iPhone review in the storm of hype

The craziest moment came when I did a Fox News live interview on the launch day, June 29, in front of Apple’s 59th Street store, where the line of people surrounded the building. The camera barely started rolling when someone slipped behind us, reached in and grabbed … not the iPhone, but the reporter’s microphone. … Read more

Letterpress printing style is back from the dead

For designers who often use a mouse, a steam machine seems excessive. However, each summer in Seattle, groups from Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, and various local companies and artists scramble to roll a winning poster. They spent dozens of hours carving large linoleums placed on the asphalt, covered in ink, and pressed with steam over … Read more

Welcome to Wikipedia about the Alt-Right

Vox Day argues that Wikipedia is the worst. But the things that annoy him are not the typical complaints you’ll hear about the crowd-sourced encyclopedia – that it’s thwarted by trolls, for example, or that pages its about Pokémon lore too comprehensive. Day is annoyed because he believes Wikipedia is a Democrat tool, run by … Read more

Inside the return of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence

In addition to providing bot tools to developers, Cheng spearheaded Microsoft’s efforts to create his own chatbots. The idea is that the company can learn a lot about human-computer interactions by watching how these bots interact with real people. At least, these experiments have had mixed results. Remember Microsoft’s racist bot, Tay? It’s the chatbot … Read more