Inside the Haywire World of Beirut’s power brokers

Dress fading The bright light makes the city bustle. The dazzling undulates for miles on the hillside, touching cozy homes and frivolous high-rises and opaque stores. As the sky darkened, the Beirut grid blossomed into a light show – flashing in the smallest varieties, shining and struggling at the same time, a constellation of electricity … Read more

This hearing aid can translate for you – and track the steps

Then the company focused on cooperation with German startup Bragi, an early producer of an affordable product, not FDA approved for consumers. Bragi’s equipment includes features that improve hearing even for those who are not diagnosed with hearing loss, as well as activity tracking, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, and language translation later. Starkey invests … Read more

Inside the all-female trip to the North Pole

Al Thani, whose grandfather tried to form Qatar, is royalty in her country, and if she succeeds in reaching the climax, she will be the first Qatar to do so. Be the first to come up with unanswered questions – how to pray towards Mecca. “Technically, you can pray at any angle because it’s south,” … Read more

An oral history of Apple’s infinite loop

Fadell: The iPod event took place at 10am, lasted for an hour, then we had a showcase and lunch. That afternoon about 2 or 3, we talked very comfortably and Steve said: “Tony, Jony, Joz, Phil, let’s go to the ID room,” industrial design studio. And he said, “So in the next generation, we need … Read more

How ants turn into zombies

David Hughes leaned forward Back to his office in the professor’s chair there was a problem with standards as Penn State students in the square behind him scolded about classes. Between us, on his desk – flanked by black paper coffee cups – were two trays of dead ants clamped with pins. Some cling to … Read more