This is what happens when a writer is haunted

Hello Backchannel braintrust, Sandra here, with two stories for you. Last May, Mark Harris noticed something strange in a video he was watching. I gave him a regular task, to create a quick question and answer to the founders of a self-driving truck startup that was born out of stealth mode. That company, founded by … Read more

Police reform could start on Twitter

Deputy commissioner for strategic initiatives Zach Tumin called Bratton’s response to failure a “common force for the department”. “In one of those [press] gaggles [afterwards], Bratton took out his own smartphone and turned it on to reporters’ curiosity with the camera towards them and said, ‘Laugh!’ And he took pictures. We posted it, ”Tumin recalled. … Read more

The Trump administration may be the boon of Uber

As legal challenges pile up, a government embarked on it may come in time for Uber and its ride-sharing model. Uber driver Harouna Kaba protests during a September rally in New York City (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)For Uber, Donald Trump’s election may not come too soon. Last Tuesday, as protesters across hundreds of US … Read more

An inconvenient truth about Silicon Valley and Donald Trump

Hello Backchannel readers! This is Jessi. I believe Donald Trump annoyed the founders of Silicon Valley because they all have so much in common. Listen to me. They consider themselves the ultimate disruptor. Trump won the presidential election (if not universal suffrage) with a promise of anti-establishment, and to change everything. This characteristic has long … Read more

The inner story behind Pebble’s demise

Although all details of the agreement are not made public (and Migicovsky is not free to share them), from the notices in Pebble and Fitbit On the blog, the deal emerged as an asset sale related to Pebble’s software, firmware, and patents, but not hardware or actual inventory. Pebble remains responsible for its own debts. … Read more