How Fonts fueled the Cultural War

Typography is in development an open renaissance. Typography often tries to be invisible, but lately it has become a subtle marker for readers to notice and comment. Suddenly, people outside the design profession seemed interested in its many intricacies. Usually, this awareness focuses on execution. This year’s Oscars set visual hierarchy on map. XKCD readers … Read more

What Deep Blue tells us about AI in 2017

After game two, Kasparov was not only agitated by his defeat but also doubted how the computer made an outrageous… move like a computer. “It made me question everything,” he wrote. Receiving prints explaining what the computer did – and proving that there was no human intervention – became an obsession for him. In fact, … Read more

How Baked Cheese Ventures Most Trends Burned

Startup is proud of itself of naive ignorance that allows them to rethink traditional industries – think Airbnb will go against hotels or Uber to join taxi alliances. It’s much easier to “move quickly and break things” when you’re not being told about what you’re trying to break down. Kaplan himself noted that his inexperience … Read more

What to do if the laptop is banned globally

These are not cheap fixes. Thumbs and low-capacity external drives are relatively cheap, but the time involved in setting up the drive can start with the necessary software and data (and make sure it all works) is not trivial if you do it yourself. It took me several hours, but I have copied the results … Read more

Apple Park’s Tree Whisperer | WIRED

A few months later, during a second meeting with Jobs, Muffly really figured out what Apple was thinking. They chatted again in Jobs’ conference room on the 4th floor of One Infinite Loop, repeating some of the topics of the first interview, when Jobs suddenly asked Muffly, “Have you seen it?” Jobs took him to … Read more

The Internet Queen surveyed her Kingdom

According to Mary Meeker, things are improving, even as global smartphone growth tends to decline. Hello Backchannel readers! it’s Jessi. On Wednesday, Kleiner Perkins investor Mary Meeker released her annual internet trends report at the Code Conference, the annual gathering in south Los Angeles, like a summer camp reunion like a technology conference. Meeker is … Read more

Steve Ballmer says tech companies should be as accountable as NBA teams

Do you think the presentation of numbers will really change everything? Before the post-retirement period, I used to think: problems, solutions, answers. Now, it’s part of fostering dialogue, fostering discussion, helping us to be better off. As opposed to, “Solve it.” You can say, “Okay. We think that equality of this opportunity is important to … Read more