There is a story. We are still up there.

Backchannel is moving to Condé Nast. Jessi Hempel is joining us. We are ready to grow. But we’ll still just publish the good stuff.

Dear Backchannel readers,

When I started writing about the digital revolution more than 30 years ago, technology journalism was a backward path. Today, that is the ocean. The dizzying changes from the processor, the internet, social networks, apps, connected devices, social networks, artificial intelligence and virtual worlds affect everyone; Big political, entertainment, commercial and cultural stories are often tech stories. I see this transformation as a single story: After the invention of computers and chips, our universe was rearranged, in a big bang and we’re still in the first second. when the stars are not yet formed. For journalists, there are loads of great stories, puzzling angles, sly bank pictures and beautiful chronicles, all drawn from the vast, molten picture. This dynamic.

I became pregnant Channel back So it can fill the main parts of this epic mosaic. Through insightful reporting, unique insight and a feel of what’s really important in a distracting press-noise-filled reverberation chamber, we were able to come up with sentences story unravel this wonderful, complex and frightening revolution. We won’t cover everything, but the stories we’ve been chasing will be singular, surprising and dramatic.

I explained the idea by quoting that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine started the business to sell the much nicer muffins top, tossing the bland bottom. Channel back will only create good things.

It worked. Nearly 400 muffins later, Channel back is established as a technology and business publication known for its must-read and must-see. It’s been difficult to pick out some of our highlights – yes, yes, I love them all – but here are some random numbers: Rex Sorgatz‘S affect profits to his distant homeland, culturally transformed by the internet. Lauren Smiley‘S account of unemployed coal miners. Juliana Reyesis well reported check about how employees feel when they know that their employer was involved in the job of making adtech look down on users. Mark Harris‘S fascinating story about how a hacker passed the DARPA challenge (story won the prestigious AAAS Scientific Text award). Susan Crawford‘S devastating analysis about how Big Cable is dealing with us. Personally I like to write about Google’s AI efforts, Finance of Twitter, Kimbal Muskmission of to reform Memphis’s eating habits, which is unwelcome the return of the cryptocurrency wars, and who invented AeroPress coffee machine that I use every day.

We have also made our community engaging stories, by showcasing our Smart Media contributors’ perspectives or igniting heated (and civilian) discussions on issues. neglected omission, like age diversity in Silicon Valley either drinking in the startup world.

And we are just getting started. That leads me to some of our own news.

As of this week, Channel back moving to Condé Nast, one of the major media companies in the world. We will still publish on the Media platform – but as customers, like Ringer. (Please be quiet for a moment because “who please“Era.) We will be part of the Wired Communications Group, along with WIRED and Ars Technica.

My companion in this journey is Backchannel’s executive editor Sandra Upson. When I tried to fill out a post at the end of 2014, her resume stood out, but I didn’t know she would be a smart, stable and fearless partner. She will take on the same role after the move, and her intelligence and wise story will continue to be reflected in every work we run.

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