The way I sold my company to Twitter, switched to Facebook, and arrested my co-founder

“Think about it. But again, we really want you to join Facebook. ”

I suddenly looked up at our windowed office. I have isolated myself on our balcony to pay the obvious price for privacy. Argyris was inside, looking at me with a worried face. He also wanted a bad answer like me. I held up two fingers and said “two minutes” to indicate that I needed a little more time. He nodded, and turned back to his screen.

What the hell am I supposed to do? I can’t tell the guys this, at least not yet.

Stealthily, making it seem like I was adjusting my phone, I hung up and dialed the number [my former girlfriend who I call] British businessman. Although I moved out a few months ago and we have officially separated, we are still in regular contact. Not only did you cut off contact with the mother of your children, and in addition, she still wanted to hear about the AdGrok story.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“So, take this. Facebook doesn’t want guys, but they want me. Argyris is right here. I don’t know what to do ”.

As an oil woman, British Trader is not out of the tech at all, and knows very little about the intricacies. But she did read understanding of human nature in a professional setting. Additionally, given that I have absolutely no human boundaries or morals, she provided a legitimate sobriety check of my actions.

“Don’t tell boys. It will only destroy their confidence. You have to find some way to manage it. “

We went back and forth, with me outlining more details, and she shared what she had.

I look at my watch. Near seven o’clock in the evening. In a few minutes, Argyris will take a break like a shot to spend quality time with Simla, the girlfriend who has become wife. If I hold on for a few more minutes, he won’t be in the office, and I can skip the boys’ emails and have a night to think about it.

Here’s the data point for you: As part of our Facebook engagement effort, I’ve been receiving Google Alerts about the company for months. One particular one caught my attention. In October 2010, a mother in Florida shook her baby to death because the baby would interrupt her FarmVille game with crying. A mother personally destroyed something she had been programmed on aeons to love, only to continue responding to Facebook notifications triggered by some stupid game. Products that cause mothers to kill their babies in order to use them more, assuming they are legal, simply cannot fail in the world. Facebook has been legalized crack, and at the Internet scale. Such a company could certainly find a way to sell shoes. Twitter is cute and all, but it doesn’t have a casualty rate, no matter how much this Lady Gaga tweeted.

Facebook it was.

But Twitter has made a solid offer to AdGrok, while Facebook has yet to make a solid offer for anything.

Chic hipsters with lavishly decorated offices, their thousand-dollar bicycles, and The Failed Whale? * Or the frat boys wearing hoodies with the court official who wrote the code while they worked? How will it be? Could it be both?

Managing a mix of Facebook and Twitter is like trying to induce orgasm simultaneously between a premature ejaculation person and a frigid woman: impossible, dangerous and requires a very hand. steady.

But here’s a fact about the life of technology: anyone who claims the Valley is democratic are the people who have profited so much from it through non-democratic means such as by chance, membership in a privileged cohort or some hidden act of absolute care. Since luck has never been on my side, and I have no privilege to withdraw, that must happen inevitably.

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