Download APK Minecraft v1.16.200.02 for Android

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Markus “Notch” Persson and developed by Mojang Studios, a division of Xbox Game Studios, which belongs to Microsoft. Available for PCs, mobile phones, and various game consoles, the game allows players to place and destroy various blocks in 3D environments (players can freely roam to make and build build whatever they want).


The player is the main character Minecraft, whom the user controls. There are two default player skins: Steve and Alex. At the start of the game, the player is sent into a world, generated by a random seed or designated with an empty inventory.

Players have a Health bar with 10 hearts, and can be damaged by falls, suffocation, drowning, fire, lava, lightning, cacti, sweet berry bushes, falling Void, burrowing and being beaten by mobs and other players.

The damage of the Health bar can be reduced with armor or antidotes and health can be restored by eating food and taking specific medications, or if the difficulty is set to Calm, health will recover on its own. If the difficulty level is not set to Peace then the Hunger bar will decrease over time and even faster when sprinting, jumping or swimming.

Food is filled with hunger levels; however, eating rotten meat and raw chicken can make the player hungry. Depending on the difficulty, low hunger can also deplete a player’s health.

Grade level

Blocks are what make up the Minecraft landscape. They are the foundation of the gameplay. Blocks can be broken, collected and placed in a multitude of arrangements. Players can use the blocks in crafting by controlling them in many other ways. The face of a block is 16 x 16 pixels and each block is one cubic meter.

Craft and smelting

Crafting allows players to create new tools and blocks using items from their inventory. Crafting is something that helps players survive in the Minecraft game because the use of natural blocks is limited. To craft, players can either use the 2 × 2 grid in the inventory or the 3 × 3 grid provided by the crafting board.

By arranging items in different ways, players can create more usable items and increase their resource gathering, and in turn create more items. The smelting process requires an out-of-fuel furnace and processes the Blocks into a more useful form like Iron Ore into Iron Ore.

Other functions

  • Market: Here players can find the latest from the community and get unique maps, skins, and vignette packs from your favorite creators.
  • Slash command: This feature allows you to adjust the gameplay of the game by donating items, summoning mobs, changing the time of day, etc.
  • Add-ons: Minecraft game offers many add-ons to customize your experience even further. It allows you to modify the data-driven behavior in the game to create new resource packs.
  • Level: In this feature, you can play with up to 10 friends anytime, anywhere. It also allows for cross-platform play. You can also get your own server. The game allows you to play for 30 days.
  • Multiplayer: This Minecraft game mode allows you to play with up to 4 friends with your free Xbox Live account online.
  • Sewing owner: You can join massive multiplayer servers and play against thousands of others. Additionally, compete in unique mini-games and socialize in new interests and make new friends from around the world.

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