Download APK GTA 4 v1.0 for Android

Now you can download the latest GTA 4 apk game for your Android and also play it.

GTA 4 is an action adventure game featuring many characters and a complex storyline. It is heavily influenced by Russian gangster movies, such as Brother, and its sequels. GTA IV (Grand Theft Auto 4) was subsequently awarded the Game World Record for the most successful entertaining debut of all time, and this has received numerous other awards and titles.

Game specification

  • Developer: Rockstar North, Rockstar Toronto
  • Mode (s): Single player, multiplayer
  • Composer (s): Michael Hunter
  • Writer (s): Dan Houser; Rupert Humphries
  • Platforms: Android, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
  • Release Date: April 28, 2008


The theme of this GTA 4 game is based on the American lifestyle. On the packaging can see the Rockstar game asking today what does the American Dream mean? Niko Bellic, the playable protagonist with the player’s eyes seeing the world in this game, he is skeptical of America, says “Capitalism is a dirty business”.

It is further mentioned here that the greedy and the rich are getting all the benefits and here America’s greed has been compared with disease.

The characters who live in a city in America are paradise for some and hell for others. Here we will see some optimistic figures alongside Niko Bellic. They wish the ordinary people of America always be safe and they also inspire Niko Bellic to be more optimistic.

What matters to this game GTA 4 is not the success rate or the individual factor of this game. The big step it strives to make is to create immersion, dynamism and simply the attempt to tell us a more meaningful story. The Android version of GTA 4 has taken it by leaps and bounds, with more players in online mode and customization options like custom radio.

Like other games, this game has some flaws. But it will always be on the player’s favorites list.

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