The invisible force warps what you read in the news

But because perception of Uber is purely – and yes – negative (for much well deserved reason, even before crank sex news and everything else for the past two weeks), there is no benefit in doubt. The truth has been caught up in the strong gravity of the story “bad Uber” and is explained by users profiteering strikes, as opposed to what it might be: an awkward attempt to avoid profit from strike through price increases. Lyft, like Uber, also continue to welcome guests at JFK during the strike, although there is no subsequent #DeleteLyft campaign.

Six weeks later, the Uber star took explode and crash. They put themselves in such a bad place that there’s a perpetual cycle of negativity: a series of stories driven, in part, by a world leader journalist and Categories mull over every move of the company, develop new sources, chase each other’s stories, and uncover previously undisclosed truths. And every bad story looks even worse if compared to the previous ones, creating an ever-colossal narrative.

Incidentally, when your story is positive, certain events are forgiven. For example, the popular story of Elon Musk is that he is a crazy futurist who wants to capture Mars and build. vacuum tube ships, and who thinks humanity is living in a simulation. Musk is also a member of President Trump’s business advisory board, with which he has received relatively little backlash. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, meanwhile, forced to retreat from the controversial group after days of bad press and public pressure. While Musk’s membership doesn’t fit a negative story about Musk – if it does, that sparked the idea that he’s a bit crazy – Kalanick’s involvement has hit the spotlight. “Uber is bad “. You have to resign.

Yes, life is wonderful in the positive narrative universe. Snapchat intends to put its IPO price below the final private round? A decision to mature That shows concentration! (Never mind that for other pre-IPOs, it is signs of weakness.) When you stay away from the pressure of negative stories, you can tell your stories without the destructive influence of them.

How to get rid of a negative narrative

Inside an actual black hole, Gravitational effects are so strong that nothing can escape it and the laws of physics as we know them no longer exist.

Escaping a narrative black hole is not impossible – although it is difficult. Here are the laws of physics that still work:

1. Never do anything to remotely reinforce your negative story.

The worst thing you can do when your company has a bad story is to show people that what they thought of you was right. Never validate someone’s negative perceptions of you, fair or unfair.

When you’re in the black hole, every business decision your company makes must include weighing how it will be explained based on a popular story. This is important: Any event that is even capable of being consistently explained from a distance with the story gets caught up in its orbit. Always be on the lookout for how you might fall into this trap and keep your company’s actions as far away as possible. Are not Own goal.

2. Find a deep hole to a remote part of the narrative universe.

One interesting theory about black holes is that they can open up a bridge leading to another part of the universe: You fall into a black hole, just to take a shortcut in spacetime (called deep holeBillions of miles somewhere.

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