Why is it so difficult to protect Obamacare

After doing some research on the internet, it didn’t seem just me:

Apparently this happened for a while, I was unable to pay taxes because the government couldn’t provide me with a basic form. This can be easily overcome by hiring a good web developer who also has to use personal website. She’ll be quick to add some navigation and sitemaps, especially if she needs health insurance or a tax form.

I’ve done some research to see why this isn’t happening. What I found shocked me.

It turns out that Covered California employs a staff of 1,400 people with a budget of more than $ 300 million, of which the technology share is $ 50 million.. This supports about 1.3 million subscribers – 1.3 million people need access to their data on this website and end up calling because they can’t use it.

With a technology budget of 50 million dollars each year, Covered California did not initiate this. This important website shouldn’t be too old and corrupt.

Someone should fix this. But who is responsible? It is tempting to blame “government”. The truth of the matter is that this is our government, and This is our fault. We elected the people responsible for this and it seems Californians agree that this is an expression of Obama’s vision for a better health system.

If Intuit releases a version of TurboTax that looks this bad, it will stop business and the CEO will lose their job. At the California government, we pay the head of Covered California more than $ 400,000 a year.

Building a functional website is not difficult. Millions of individuals and businesses have websites with enough navigation and clear forms. Managing a large-scale health insurance exchange seems more difficult. If the website that 1.3 million Californians view looks this bad, what should we assume about the system behind it?

When Republicans criticize Obamacare, it is hard to dismiss them when the government has spent too much money and the underlying systems are permanently broken. I consider it a great success that despite these flaws, around 20 million Americans are insured.

The Affordable Care Act is a compromise – a way to maintain private health care, provided by an employer, while significantly expanding coverage for those out of the system through exchanges and state subsidies. It’s not perfect, but it means more people coverage, more transparency and competition in state exchanges, and the chance to test new solutions to a pervasive social problem. But it has not been a smooth process and very few people who have signed up can say, “this is great”.

It could have been great. California can be a prime example of how our state exchange makes health insurance accessible, affordable, and convenient. We can show how government can support a modern health system with great technology. We can have a sleek website. We’ve got the money to do that.

But we squandered our opportunity.

It’s not just Donald Trump, who is responsible for driving the most ambitious healthcare reform effort we’ve had in decades. It is the failure of those of us who want it to succeed, but not hold our government – and ourselves – accountable.

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