Download Wink v3.3.1 APK for Android

The Wink app is a great platform for making new friends from around the world. You can easily initiate a conversation by swiping right, and maybe this is how you can find your best friend.

In this Winks app you can swipe right and left with a bunch of new faces. If you are interested in someone or if you find them interesting, you can Toggle on the right or if you are not interested in someone or if you don’t find them interesting, you can SWITCH on the left .

Features of Wink

Here are some great features of the Wink app,

  • You can start chats with people you like and even add them to Snapchat. By looking at someone’s profile or checking their interests, you can choose the right Wink friend for you from anywhere in the world.
  • When you ask someone to add you or they ask you to add it, it’s very easy to add new friends you meet to Wink and Snapchat. With just the push of a button, you can be instantly connected. Swipe and start a conversation with new friends.
  • This Wink app has chat options for you for chats. You can chat with new friends before adding them to Snapchat. You can also send text messages, audio messages, photos, tape breakers, GIFs, etc. through the Messenger option and also play games together for fun.
  • You can earn gems every day at a glance or use gems to send requests to your new friends or click the back arrow if you miss someone. You can also use these in the Wink store to buy a new wallpaper for your profile, or plant a tree in real life if you wish.
  • There are other ways for you to get gems; You can get gems by playing super fun games like Wink Arcade. The points you earn from the game turn into gems. As you continue to earn gems, you’ll find unlimited friends in Winks.

You can use Wink’s affordable $ 4.99 monthly subscription to get your system up. If you want to use the free version, then you can download Wink APK from below for your Android device.

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