Download APK ReadEra v20.12.17 + 1320 for Android

ReadEra app is a great tool that allows you to read books in PDF, EPUB, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), Kindle (MOBI, AZW3), DJVU, FB2, TXT, ODT and CHM formats online. free.

You can read books without ads through this ReadEra app. You do not have to search for advertisements in this program to read books and view PDF documents, nor do you have to purchase internally. In this fast, reliable reading app, you don’t have to use any particular service.

This book reader works offline and you can read a lot of books for free.

Features of ReadEra

  • This is basically a set of reading apps that can read a wide variety of formats, such as Book Appab, Kindle (MOBI, AZW3), FB2; Business PDF, DJV; Office Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), ODT; Text TXT and others. You can read books, view Microsoft Word documents and PDF files from zip archives through this app.
  • In this ReadEra app you will get all the benefits of different text applications. PDF Reader – You can trim the margins for PDF files in the PDF Viewer. With one column mode, you can split an image spanning two pages from a scanned PDF book into two separate pages. Can open large PDF documents. EPUB Reader and MOBI Reader will give you all the benefits of EPUB and MBB formats for e-books.
  • Word reader will create the contents of a book by title. Fb2 reader can open fb2 format books from zip archive; No need to unzip. Here, readers of books, readers will find all popular formats of books, magazines, articles and other materials in one application.
  • This latest ReadEra app lets you automatically recognize books and documents. Simply download e-books, PDF magazines, Microsoft Word documents or PDF articles from the internet so they are available to readers. You will easily navigate through folders and downloads. You will also receive author groups and book series. Reading List: o Read, Read, Favorite. Collection Tools (bookshelves) allow you to create personalized themed collections. You can add books and documents to one or more collections at the same time.
  • You can quickly access reading settings, table of contents, bookmarks, text markup, quotes, notes, browsing history and other e-book options. You can navigate the book with page pointers or progress lines. Footnotes in Epub, Mobi, Docs, FB2 formats will be printed at the bottom of the page like a paper book. It will show you the total number of pages for a book and the individual pages for a chapter you are reading.
  • You can automatically save the current reading page. Beautiful multicolor day, night, sepia, control panel while reading You can use the modes. Reverse the page or portrait mode and you will find it here. Screen orientation, brightness and page margins adjustments, including PDF and DJV. Hyphen. While reading PDFs and Djvu files, you’ll also find a zoom option here.

This ReadEra reader does not copy books and materials in its store; It detects duplicate files, saves bookmarks and current reading pages even when deleting or deleting files so you can continue reading from the last read page, even after you delete the file and re-download the book. .

You can store your data on SD card. With multi-document mode, you can read multiple books and documents at the same time.

If you want to use this amazing app, you can download ReadEra APK from below for free.

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