Download Status Saver v4.25.46 APK for Android

Status Saver is a great application to save your favorite states.

To use this Status Saver application you need to check the desired status / story, then open the status saver and click on any image or video to view it. You can save it by clicking the button. Or you can view the desired status / story and then hold a position to enable multiple options.

You can save the state by selecting “Save” from the toolbar menu.

You can instantly save all types of Image / Video Status including Normal Status, GB Status, Enterprise Status, General Status from Parallel Space Pro and they will be saved in gallery above your phone.

Status Saver features

Here are some of the great features of the Status Saver app,

  • You can save, delete, re-post, share.
  • With this app you can easily post again without saving.
  • You can save money very quickly and easily.
  • In it you will find the Image Viewer & Integrated Video Player.
  • Easy navigation

If you want to use this amazing app, you can download APK Status Saver from here. Using this free, interactive and user-friendly app, you can save your pictures and videos and share them with your friends as a story. You will love this wonderful application.

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