Download APK METAL SLUG 3 v1.9 for Android

Metal Slug 3 is an excellent 2D action-shooter game.

In this Metal Slug 3 shooting game you have to go through the battlefield, avoid all enemies and ambush, get on the tanks and destroy everything in front of you. You may experience a lot of chaos, but you’ll definitely have a lot of fun.

In this fun game’s mapping system you’ll find multiple branch paths, which means you’ll have multiple alternate paths to get to the end, and you can use any of the there.

Features of Metal Slug 3

Here are some of the great features of the Metal Slug 3 game. All the great features of this game are sure to inspire you to play the game,

  • In addition to its classic “arcade mode”, in this perfect transformation of “Metal SLG 3” you’ll find a “mission mode”, which allows you to choose the level of play you want. You can practice on your own by choosing the stage of your choice or any tough period.
  • The discus gussets became more colorful than before and were added with more slag, drill slag and elephant slag than the original metal slug and solenoid.
  • With the game’s branching map system, you can finally follow a different path with each play and you will get a giant map with endless gameplay in this game.
  • With the Bluetooth function “Metal Slug 3”, you can play with other friends at the same time.

If you want to play this amazing game you can download Metal Slug 3 APK game for free here. If you are a sports lover then you must enjoy this game.

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