This vegetarian Vlogger Harassment Scandal reveals ugliness of YouNow

But at least one of Marlowe’s subjects says YouNow did not judge the scene correctly. Vegan chef Leonard Smiley, who said he was also a victim of Marlowe’s harassment, reported many of his videos to YouNow. “I take that very seriously,” Smiley said, but “never did anything happen.”

At one point, Smiley said, Marlowe threatened to ban him for reporting the video. On that day, Smiley recalled, he boasted “that he has had longstanding relationships at YouNow.”

Marlowe acknowledged the video and said he was referring to his manager YouNow. All partners are assigned managers to help promote and optimize their social presence, he told me. He contacts him weekly via email. A few days after our interview, Marlowe live streamed himself talking about the harassment allegations against him with his manager on speakerphone. He mentioned that his videos have been very hot lately, as his manager “might know”.

In the video, the manager can be heard reply: “Thank you for contacting about this issue. I haven’t really heard much about this yet, which is a good sign. Our trusted and secure team will contact you directly if anything violates our terms and guidelines.

When I asked him about the exchange, Sideman said he was not surprised that Marlowe’s manager was unaware of any recent allegations of harassment, because that was the role of the safety and trust department. responsibility – not a manager. “We have a wall of China between those things and those are decisions about trust and safety, not the decisions of the partner manager. I think that’s very important, ”he said. “It is important that every user behavior that gets our attention is independently and dimly evaluated for any other state.”

Six months after Scanlon filed the lawsuit against Marlowe, the vlogger appeared in Santa Monica court for a preliminary hearing. Scanlon said she did not attend because it was too far to travel from her home UK. Marlowe tweeted and snapped photos from the brown courtroom chairs. During a selfie, he closed his eyes, his right hand clapped across his mouth. The caption read: “I should’ve just been using Skype as a bastard.”

Scanlon is looking for monetary losses of up to $ 25,000. Her lawyer, Bruce Jacques, said that Marlowe’s attack on Scanlon’s reputation “harmed her business and career as a student and former professor.”

But her chances of winning are slim, says University of Southern California law professor Michael Over. He Tell Buzzfeed, “Defam cases, they’re really, really hard to prove.” According to Overed, the challenge is that the plaintiff – Scanlon – has to prove the defendant’s claims are false and that her reputation has been compromised. It could quickly turn into a situation she spoke of.

And while it is hard to blame Marlowe for defamation, it is almost impossible to blame YouNow. Scanlon did not even attempt to sue the site. “CDA usually excludes websites from defamation claims unless an owner or manager is complicit in creating content,” says Jaques, referring to the Communication Rules Act. 1996, specified that platforms are not responsible for the speech they host.

“Many harassment suitors have tried to seek waivers under the CDA,” said Daphne Keller, director of intermediary responsibilities at Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Social Affairs.

Scanlon has yet to return to YouNow. These days, she posts on Instagram and tweet. A Pinned Tweet on August 7 there was a link to a GoFundMe account set up to help pay her legal fees, titled: “There’s good money to create online bullies.”

Meanwhile, a few hours before this story was posted, Marlowe’s account disappeared. “I was banned from YouNow. Video coming soon, ”Marlowe tweeted. “I will explain everything I know in the video. Keep stable.”

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