Excerpt from fiction: Prince goes to interview a tech job

“Great. Me too, me too. Obviously, there is no programming in a PM job, but everyone here will respect you a lot more if you have a technical background.”

Arsyen doesn’t know what Roni means by saying “PM job”. Is it a powerful lawn mower? A plumbing manager?

Roni dipped his hand into the brown paper bag and slowly pulled out a giant sandwich. Arsyen watched as he slowly took off the plastic and unfolded a paper napkin, square by square, until it finally smoothed out in front of him. Roni paused and lowered his head to his sandwich, only to gently lift his hand to pray. And then, suddenly, the hands disappeared, the plastic wrap was on the other side of the table, and Roni’s half-mouthed sandwich. The tuna fell on the napkin below.

“Let’s go, right? I just ask one big question in my interviews. I am known for that. It’s all about the process, it’s about how you go after it. It’s not what you say, it’s what you say, okay? “

Arsyen nodded.

“So,” began Roni. “You are a pirate and—”

“No, a prince.”

“Huh? Oh yeah, haha. For the sake of this question, you’re a pirate. If you want, you can be the captain of the pirate ship. Is that effective?”

“A captain is King of pirate ship? “

“Exactly. Now you and your crew discover a treasure chest with a hundred gold coins, and you must find a way to separate it.”

“I don’t give gold. Gold is mine, ”Said Arsyen.

“Well, now wait, that’s the catch. If you don’t give the other pirates anything, they’ll throw you off the ship. In order not to get killed, you have to think of a way to distribute the coins so that at least half of the pirates agree with your proposal.

“I killed them and took the gold,” Arsyen said, waving his hand to dismiss the question. “Not too fast,” said Roni. “You are the captain, but you are outnumbered. So you can’t kill them – though I like your aggression.

“Now, if you get killed, another pirate will have to make a proposal, but then he can be killed too, so it will come to the next pirate. And so on. So everyone is interested in agreeing to the proposal in the first place – but also maximizing their profits. It’s basically a distribution issue. Actually, you know, I ran into the same problem when I went to interview at Anahata. Except for my interviewer who used the Easter Rabbit and a bunch of eggs, the pirates are really little kids and… ”

But Arsyen stopped listening. His family has stolen ancient treasures over the centuries, defrauded mercenaries, gangsters and, yes, sometimes pirates – stealing from the worst of humanity to give The good guys of the Pyrrhia.

“You can use this whiteboard here to solve the problem,” said Roni, pointing to one of the walls. “Take your time.”

“One gold coin,” replied Arsyen. “You give the pirates a penny each.” Roni’s eyes bulged.

“Wow, uh, okay, so fast. I mean, how did you … I mean, the board … Like, if there were two pirates and then you find out … Wait, how did you do this so quickly? Talk to me through math. “

“During the maths time, the other pirates killed the captain,” replied Arsyen. “Capitan uses the brain.” He tapped the side of his head lightly, in case Roni wasn’t sure where the brain was. Roni seemed a bit dim; Apparently he was never a pirate or even known.

“Oh yes, absolutely,” said Roni, recovering himself. “I mean, yes, it’s not that difficult. But, um, we still have some time left, so… ”

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