Download Google News v5.27.0.20102114 APK download for Android

If you want to read the old and latest news right away, download the Google News apk for your device and install it.

This is a news services app developed by Google that presents a continuous stream of articles curated from thousands of publishers and magazines. It has its own unique ranking signals, including user clicks, a publication’s authority on a particular topic, geography, etc.

The Google News app is available on Android, iOS, and the Web.


The original interface of the Google News app is Summary. In Summary, it chooses five stories to show you based on your interests and location. After the top results, it stacks more stories it thinks you’ll be interested in.

If you’re not interested in any of the stories that Google News shows you, tap the ellipsis icon in the bottom right corner of the story thumbnail and select ‘Not interested in story This’ let Google know. You can also go through the same process to let it know if you want to know more about a particular story topic.

Full coverage

The Google News app allows you to dig deeper into stories. There’s a multicolored icon with Full Coverage written beside it. Clicking that you will find different categories, like Top Coverage, Videos, From Twitter, Comments and All Coverage. Full Coverage Area is identical for every user and without any AI or machine learning.


Unlike Summary, the Headings section gives you a variety of titles without having to sort it out according to your personal taste. News are displayed in different categories for you to scroll horizontally. Some of them contain more than one story by swiping left or right, while others are single stories.


With the Favorites tab, you can help Google News know which news you’re interested in. To add interest to the app, press the “+” button.

Newspaper counter

In this section, many news stores and publications are listed. The Google News app gives you the option to subscribe to respective services. Both free and paid subscriptions are supported in the Newsstand section. You can also access over 1,000 titles in a mobile-optimized reading format in Newsstand.


  • Language and Region: Google News allows you to choose up to 2 languages ​​and favorite places to provide you with news about these languages.
  • Data saving mode: This Android news app knows when to save your mobile data. To save data News switches from image summary to text summary. Additionally, the video and GIF will not play automatically, and the image will load in compressed format when requested.
  • Save articles offline: Sometimes you see news that interests you but can’t read it because it’s offline. To solve this problem, Google News allows you to save articles offline so that you can read them once connected.
  • Download articles: You can also download any article over Wi-Fi to save for reading after offline
  • Dark theme: For better eyes, you can switch to a dark theme for nighttime use.
  • Small card: List stories with small pictures and words.
  • Video autoplay: The Google News app gives you a variety of Autoplay options. You can choose to play videos automatically always, never, or just on Wi-Fi.
  • Unit of temperature: You can choose your preferred temperature unit – Fahrenheit, C or Kelvin.
  • Set up notifications: You can control which daily notifications and email summaries you want to receive.
  • Open in YouTube Go: Videos in Google News will appear in YouTube Go, when appropriate.
  • Control your web and application activity: You can also control activities in your application.

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