Download APK Flipaclip v2.4.9 for Android

The Flipaclip app is a great art & design tool that allows you to create awesome animations using the Simple Drawing Tool. Making movies, sketching, scenes, animating or learning everything will be very easy with this application.

In the latest Flipaclip app you will enjoy a variety of tools like brush, lasso, color, eraser, ruler shapes, etc. that you can create artwork. There are also many font options. You can print on custom canvas. You can draw with a powered stylus, Samsung S Pen, or Sonar Pen.

C up to 3 free art levels with the Flipaclip app. Or you can go to Pro and add up to 10 levels.


Here are some of the great features of the Flipaclip app,

  • Find intuitive animation timelines and practical tools that allow you to easily animate each frame. Here you will find more Onion Skin Animation Tool and Animation Frame Viewer.
  • Guide your animations with an overlay grid. You’ll also find lots of other things for video animations as well.
  • In this Flipaclip app you’ll find six free audio tracks that you can use to easily create, add and edit audio tracks. You can add dialogue to your animations using voice recording. You can reduce costs by importing your own audio files.
  • Get more creative with popular curated FX sound packs.
  • Animate your imported photos or you can draw on the video. Animation video camera.
  • Save your animation as MP4 or GIF file. This app supports clear PNG strings. You can post your animated videos to YouTube so people around the world can enjoy them.
  • Share animations with friends on popular social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr.

Win prizes for participating in various video making contests of this Flipaclip app.

You can use the app to create amazing animations. If you want to use the app, you need to download Flipaclip APK for mobile devices from below for a secure version of this Android tool.

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