Roblox – The Most Comprehensive Review

Have you ever heard of Roblox or played this game? If you say yes, maybe you know something about this virtual game. But for those who don’t know about it, Roblox is a game in which players could create whatever they want. This game has been popular for such a long time. Children from 9 to 12 years old in the United States, one out of every two children, are playing this game.

Brief Overview

Roblox was first renamed in 2005 and released on the PC platform in 2006, three years earlier than Minecraft. Judging from the game screen, the characters in Roblox are similar to Lego character models, with their characteristics. 

Roblox is not so much a sandbox, as it is a massively multiplayer online game creation platform, which allows creators to develop game modes and earn Robux virtual currency. Players download the games provided by various creators on the Roblox platform. Of course, the types are all-encompassing, including fighting, racing, construction, simulation, shooting, survival, and so on.

Features of Roblox

It’s a big mistake to think Roblox is a children’s game, right? There are some fancy things for children, but in PVP, you can shoot a gun or hit with a blunt instrument, which is surprisingly violent.

Roblox games

The appeal of Roblox is that you can play many types of games with one app! On Roblox, players can search for games and play them with friends. For example, in the more popular Prison Break, you can escape with friends and then be searched for by the police. In the Shark Bite, you will be on a cruise ship and fight a fierce giant shark. Before the ship sinks, the shark needs to be defeated. It is fascinating, isn’t it?

Download Roblox Mobiles

First, go to the device store and download the Roblox app for Android or IOS / iPad OS.

Download for:  

Android devices

iOS devices

When the download and installation are complete, enter your account details in the field Username/Email/Phone/ Password to log in.

If you haven’t registered with Roblox yet, please select Register, enter the required data in the fields Date of Birth, Username, Gender. Then, push on the button Register to create an account. 

After logging in to your account, you can discover many games. You can search by category such as Popular, Ventures, Battles, Simulators, Influential People, etc.

Play Roblox with friends

You need to know that you can only play with acquaintances if you have previously added users who are interested in your friends. Once this is enabled, you can join the same game your friend is playing or invite your friend to play the game of your choice.

Also, you should know that you can play with your friends from different devices. For example, you’re playing Roblox from your computer, and you invite a friend to the game. If your friend is using the Roblox application for smartphones and tablets, he can join your game. 

There are many games, and there is no such strategy. If possible, it will be easier for you if you read the explanation before starting the game. Once you play a game that has a purpose, you can understand it and can get triumph more easily. You can end the game at any time, and you can take over the items you got and the scores you reached.

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