Minecraft – Magic Block Game Guide

Minecraft is a block puzzle game that allows you to explore a fantastic adventure. With several player-created worlds, you can immerse yourself in this game or play it with your friends. Our article below will show you some necessary information about Minecraft. 

Minecraft Overview

Minecraft’s creator is a Swedish programmer Markus Persson, who said that he had the inspiration for this game from Infiniminer. The game was first introduced by the company Mojang in 2009. In Minecraft, besides building structures, players can have the chance to be farmers, woodcutters, etc., and have to do everything to survive. 

Minecraft Modes


Mojang has several game modes for players to select, including Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Hardcore. 

  • Survival mode: You need to collect resources to survive, construct your shelter, and protect yourself from monsters. This is the mode that is familiar to most Minecraft players. 
  • Creative mode: You are provided with countless resources and tools to put up what you can imagine. You could break blocks with ease and keep your health, but the kill command can kill you.
  • Adventure mode: There are premade maps in Adventure mode that force you to follow their rules determined by their creators. This mode is not much different from Survival mode, but you don’t have much power to break blocks.  
  • Hardcore mode: In this mode, you have only one life. According to many Minecraft players, this mode gives them thrilling and real-life experience, but indeed, it’s the most challenging mode to play. 

Some tips and tricks 


  • You can break almost every block in Minecraft world by using a pickaxe. Besides, you collect blocks to create a new widget.
  • Cut down the wood until you obtain enough wood. Then, you should turn the wood into planks before merging them into the object-making tables.
  • Once you find the right materials, you can use the table to create all sorts of useful tools. Keep in mind that you can reuse the table. Hence, you just need to break the Table and gather materials to build a new one in another place.

Minecraft Marketplace

The community-designed interface, texture, and world have been available in stores on consoles, Windows 10, and even mobile platforms. Mojang has made it easy and convenient for players to purchase community-created content to build their Minecraft worlds. 


In fact, you could get these features and experience them on any compatible device. You could unlock new avatar skins, discover new impressive maps, or change the world with limitless imagination and creativity. The Minecraft marketplace provides you with unlimited community-created features to transform the way you enjoy this fascinating game.

The latest Minecraft update is called Minecraft Village & Pillage, which has some funny features for characters.

To download the latest version of Minecraft, you can follow the links below. 




In a nutshell, though many say Minecraft’s graphics are not as beautiful as other games’ such as Fortnite, GTA V, or Among Us, it’s still a great game for you to try. Create a world with your style and enjoy many unexpected and thrilling situations in this game!

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