GTA V – The Best Game Review in 2021

GTA V is the world’s best action game, set in the vast city of Los Santos in an open world, where the story of the three protagonists entwining each other unfolds. Launched in the fall of 2013, it was a huge hit all over the world.

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Concisely deliver features of GTA V

What’s interesting about GTA V in the first place? The stage of the game is the big city, Los Santos. It covers the city’s various locations, from Vinewood, where millionaires live, to office districts and slums. Besides, we could see wilderness, large lakes, and even mountains. In addition to completing the primary missions, it is also attractive to enjoy golf, tennis, triathlon as a mini-game, etc.

A story of three unique protagonists

The main characters in GTA V are former thief millionaire Michael, a strange and erratic character Trevor, and young man Franklin who is good at driving. As you can already see from the three people’s careers, the GTA series unfolds a story of the main characters of gangsters.


At first, the story started with Franklin’s story, where he met Michael and started working together. Then, the story from the perspective of each hero gradually intersected, which was also fantastic. Three characters will cooperate to challenge one mission. 

The missions vary, including stealing stuff from a gang organization and running away or burning a house of a hostile drug organization. But it is fun to enjoy what you can not do in reality, right?

GTA V graphics is beyond imagination

If you’ve experienced the PS3 version, it’s natural to ask if you will play GTA V when the next-generation console graphics are better. 

Once you have played GTA V, such questions will be blown away instantly. In the next-generation version of GTA V, the entire game is being improved and rebuilt manually. When you enter the city of Los Santos, you’ll adore the beauty of the night view, even though it was such a familiar place. The rain, the puddles, the smoke, etc., are life-like and out of this world in design.

Amazing first-person perspective

With the first-person perspective mode, you can have a great experience with GTA V. Driving a car from a first-person perspective in the real-world is like never before! What surprised you may be the car’s interior, different handles, and instruments for each car model. All are well-designed and look like the real ones!


There are often scenes where you move while talking with an NPC in a car in the main story. However, when you change your viewpoint while driving, you can see that the character is talking with gestures.

Possible detailed settings of a viewpoint

You can fine-tune the settings for the first-person perspective. For example, you can play the game from the first-person perspective when riding a vehicle or the third-person perspective when holding a weapon. You can play and switch between views with ease using the touchpad.

That is all about our very brief review of the GTA V game. We hope that you will try to play this game and have a wonderful experience with GTA V.

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