Fortnite Mobile Edition – The Best Guide in 2021

The developer of Fortnite is Epic Games, a major distributor of the “Infinity Blade” series on iOS, and Tencent’s affiliate, which has released the original PUBG.

At present, you can download Fortnite Battle Royale from PlayStation®, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, Galaxy Store, or the The Fortnite “Save the World” mode is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The same Fortnite basic rules

The battlefield is still a vast island. Players jump off the flying battle bus at any time, land at any place, and fight using their weapons.

A player who is attacked by someone and loses his life will drop out of the game. However, a “watching mode” has been introduced that allows players to watch the battle from the perspective of the losing opponent.

Fortnite Mobile Rules

Beautiful Fortnite graphics

The Fortnite mobile version features beautiful graphics and architectural elements! This game has already been distributed on PlayStation (R) 4, Windows, and Mac. It has become a game that players all over the world are enthusiastic about due to its excellent graphics.

In fact, the graphics of Fortnite have taken over PUBG. It has a vast map with beautiful graphics, even on mobile. The architectural element is also novel, and the activities have become more diverse, such as creating scaffolding and walls, creating a fortress full of traps on the roof of the building, and so on.

Use weapons and items

There are various buildings in the field, and if you tap the right side of the screen, it will break and change into a material. Proceed with the game by collecting materials well and building walls and traps. 

Not only weapons but also these items and traps are available in the buildings on the island. It is necessary to use items according to the scene properly. Besides, you should be careful and think about how you use your items to win.

Fortnite Mobile Tips

The character’s appearance changes every time, and you can join the battle by choosing modes such as solo, duo, and squad. When you select the mode, you will move to the waiting room, and when the number of participants reaches the specified number, you will depart on a battle bus that flies in the sky.

In addition, you should descend from the sky to the island. There are town-like facilities in the field, as well as shopping centers and parking lots. You should collect as many materials as possible. The game is over if you are alone at the end or if someone kills you on the way.

Like the PC version, the mobile version also has a battle pass, and you can get rewards if you meet the conditions.

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