Among Us – 2021 Playing Rules Guide

Among Us is one of the most reputed games in addition to Minecraft or GTA V. It has attracted an unlimited number of players around the world partly because of its different rules. If you’re just starting to play Among Us, you may confuse what to do as a Crewmate or an Impostor. Therefore, our comprehensive guide below will help you be a pro at this game. 

What Is Among Us?

Among Us first came out in 2018 but only two years later did it establish a reputation. The game is introduced by Innersloth, one of the most US giants in the gaming industry. 

Among Us is a team game that consists of 4 to 10 players. There will be two teams, Crewmate, and Impostor. You will know the number of crewmates and imposters at the onset of the game. 

In terms of mission, Crewmates have to protect the spaceship from being sabotaged by the Impostors. They have to carry out tasks and try to use clues and logical thinking to detect the Impostors. For Impostors, they will pretend to be Crewmates in the spaceship and sabotage it and kill the Crewmates.

This game requires players to keep alert at all times and take advantage of the clues and reasoning abilities to detect the Imposters. Whenever a dead body is found, there will be a meeting where players have to discuss and vote who the suspected Imposters are. This can be such a challenge for players sometimes when they are not sure of the possible culprits, and every wrong choice can result in serious outcomes.   

How To Play As A Crewmate


Prove Your Innocence

It will be easier for players to prove their innocence when they ve with other team members. Though it can hamper your task completion efficiency, this strategy will be worth it in the long term. 

Ask trustworthy members to support you. They will be the ones who show that you’re not guilty in front of everyone during the next discussion. During the meeting, it’s advisable to prove your innocence by telling what tasks you are doing, often the visible ones.


Besides the cunning Imposters, one common reason why Crewmates are more likely to lose is that they don’t engage in insufficient communication with others. Hence, you should know who you can lay your trust in and cooperate with them right away. 

Carry out Tasks in Among Us

As Crewmates, your mission will be to finish all the tasks to make the task gauge filled. All Crewmates can see the same gauge in the screen’s left upper part. The Crewmate team will win when they fill up this gauge, but at the same time, they have to avoid being killed by the Imposters while completing the tasks. 

Eject All Impostors

When you see any suspected team member, report it to your teammates and discuss to vote them out. There are two ways to call up a meeting. The first one is when you find a dead body and report it, and the second one is when you push the emergency button. Remember that only at the meeting can you communicate with other players. 

How To Play As A Impostor

Among Us Impostor

Kill Crewmate

For Impostors, your main goals are to create disagreement among Crewmates, spark chaos in the spaceship, and sabotage everything in the spacecraft. Also, you have to kill Crewmates but avoid getting caught by other players when committing this act; or else, they will vote to eject you as an imposter. 

Sabotage Devices & Create Chaos

Kill Crewmates

When you sabotage the spaceship, the Cremwate has to relocate curtain rooms to repair devices. Imposters will win when they have sabotaged the reactor O2. If the countdown arrives at 0, youtube the winner!

Use Vents To Move Quickly

Impostors can utilize the vents to move around in the spaceship to different rooms quickly. You should avoid being seen by other payers when you use vents because only Imposters can use them. Also, remember that the vent position will vary according to your current map.

Download Among Us for smartphones

It’s not difficult to download and experience AMong Us because it’s available on many platforms and devices. Below is the quick guide for you to download Among Us for Android and iOS smartphones. 

First, open the App Store or Google Play Appstore on your device’s home screen. Then, search for Among Us on the search bar.  

Download Among Us

Next, select “Install” on Android devices or “get” for iOS devices to download this game. Wait for the downloading and installing process to be completed. Finally, choose the “Open” button to start playing this game. 

This is all about some tips and instructions for you to play Among Us. For beginners, it takes some time to familiarize themselves with switching the rules of the game. But after that, they will find many happy moments and joy when playing this game with their friends. Just enjoy Among Us!

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