Download WhatsApp Business v2.20.206.24 APK for Android

WhatsApp Business application was officially launched by the WhatsApp agency. While it’s completely separate from the regular version of WhatsApp, it works the same way.

This application simply provides a platform for connecting businesses and customers by providing updates and support. It was launched to note small business owners where they can create a catalog to showcase their products and services and use various app features to automate, organize, and quickly reply to the message.

It is available on both Android and iPhone.


While the WhatsApp Business app works similarly to a chat application, it has some unique features. Like,

Business Profile

To promote their business and interact with customers, business owners first need to create a Business Listing. This will give the customer additional information such as an email address, location, contact phone number, a store website, or other additional description of the business.

Texting tools

There are various messaging tools found in WhatsApp Business like Quick Replies, Welcome Messages, Outgoing Messages, etc.You can set Quick Replies to make sure you answer frequently asked guest questions. row. You can also set any specific Welcome Message and give your virtual business a front desk, or set Away Messages to use during overtime hours or when you’re busy.

Support landline number

You can also use this application with a landline (or landline) number to run your business more conveniently. To open WhatsApp Business using a landline, you need to select the ‘Call me’ option to get a verification code over a phone call.

Both WhatsApp

With different phone numbers, you can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone. It makes it easier for you to run and separate your business and your personal life.

Web WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business also supports the web version where you can manage online services without the need for a mobile app. With this feature, you can answer customer questions right on your computer’s browser.


This is one of the most useful features of the WhatsApp Business app. This feature addresses business owners with simple metrics of the number of messages sent, sent and read, so they can tailor their approach to their own needs, like changing the content of quick answers or use new strategies for customer engagement.

Business verified

A verified business simply adds legitimacy and lets users and customers know that you’re not a scam and try to cheat people online. There’s no denying that WhatsApp businesses take verification seriously and not just verify each business account. Business verifications are based on a variety of aspects, such as whether the brand is notable or not, and more.

Business apps from Facebook

This business app also lets you link your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook Page and sync any necessary business information with the page.

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