Download the Google Play Games v2020.11.22812 APK for Android

The Google Play Games app is an online game service and software development tool offered by Google. It is part of the Google Play product line, intended for Android devices. It has player profiles, cloud-saved, public and social leaderboards, achievements, and the ability to play real-time multiplayer games.

It tracks the player’s game progress and achievements while playing different games and also displays the stats of other players. With Google Play games services, you can participate in social and multiplayer features for your game.

Connect with others through games

Google Play Games allows you to create your personalized player ID, linked to your Google Account. By logging into the game with your Player ID, you can participate in leaderboards, play against others through mobile, tablet, and Android TV multiplayer mode. , etc.

Play Games set a variety of goals for players to motivate them. It also rewards players with experience points for leveling up. Players can also share their successes with others.

This app arranges friendly competitions between players with daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards. It even generates multiple leaderboards for game levels or other game features.

You can also play multiplayer games here. Challenge anyone in your turn-based and real-time games and invite your friends to install your game on the form factors and supported platforms.

This app allows you to donate in-game items to each other. Drive downloads and engagement by giving your players the power to send in-game virtual objects to their friends. You can also claim gifts and use them as a trading mechanism in the game.

Uses multiple platforms

The Google Play Games app syncs your account with the cloud so you can resume the game from where you left off on any of your devices. Has cover images and descriptions to show where you stopped and drew back.

You can also enhance your gaming experience for Android TV by connecting seamlessly with smartphones and tablets to use them as a second screen controller.

Game management

Google Play games services management API allows you to simplify game checking and player account management.

  • The task of producing and distributing the game

With the Google Play game services management API, you can customize lists and upload icons for achievements and leaderboards.

From the Google Play Console, you can get information on how to improve your multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements, and other game services.

It supports Anti-Piracy and the option to disable game services for games not purchased from Play Store.

Other features

The latest Google Play Games app lets you record your game and share your best gaming moments with your friends and gaming community.

You can also play available Google Games, such as PAC-MAN, Solitaire, Snake and Cricket – you can play without using internet service.

Find something interesting in the New, Trends, and Editors’ Choice collection on Google Play.

You can save and store your game data by synchronizing that data with Google infrastructure.

  • Changes in the data direction to attract players

Capture player metrics and events for feedback on how to improve your game.

With ‘Instant Play’ on the home page of the Google Play Games app, you can reach new players.

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