Download Google Ads v2.24.341397260 APK for Android

The Google Ads app is an excellent online advertising service from Google. This Google Ads app will help you a lot if you are a business owner and want to get your products to your target audience quickly.

You can use the “Search Network” to promote your products here. In this case, if someone types in keywords related to your product on Google, they will see your product ad. It is also known as paid search.

Alternatively, you can use the Display Network method. You can place ads for your products as banners on any popular website. You can track and manage your entire advertising process through the Google Ads app.

Features of Google Ads

Here are the great features of Google Ads,

  • With this app, you can track how your ads are performing or what stage the campaign is in.
  • You can manage bids, budgets, clicks or more in a unique way and you can update them very quickly through this app.
  • Create ads in Drive Sales, you can add and edit them, which will help you reach new online customers and customers and grow your business.
  • You can view your optimization score and apply recommendations based on strategic insights.
  • Receive real-time notifications or alerts on different topics like Performance Summary, Ad Disappearance.
  • With this Google Ads app, you can get expert support by calling or chatting with experts anytime, which will help you a lot.


You can download the Google Ads APK from below. Then sign in with your Google account. You can start your campaign by logging in. You can now link your Google Analytics account to it, which will make things like tracking, analyzing, or reporting much easier.

Add your UTM code to your campaign to find out which side of the campaign is more effective.

You can set up conversion tracking to find out how many customers you have from your campaign. By integrating your Google Account with CRM, you’ll be able to see which offers your customers prefer and will be able to continue with the campaign.

Google is a very popular platform and many people are using Google everyday.

So the Google Ads app is the best way to promote your products to more people. No matter how good your product is, you won’t be able to do that well if you can’t properly promote it to buyers.

You can choose Google Ads to promote your products, which will spread your product among many people. This is a very useful platform for growing your business.

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