Download APK Wattpad v8.93.0 for Android

Download the Wattpad apk for your phone and read millions of different books on your Android phone or tablet. At Wattpad, about 80 million users each month write, discover and share stories of different genres, including classics, novels in general, historical novels, non-fiction, poetry, fans. -fiction, spirituality, humor and teen novels.

Opportunities to be discovered

Through Wattpad, you can share your own story and explore your own story. This is one of the best platforms for untapped, unmarked and talented writers to connect with global multimedia entertainment companies.

Original story

In the Wattpad app, there are many genres to choose from. You can find original stories from writers all over the world and in any genre you like.

Community of book lovers

Wattpad is like an international community where you will find people from all over the world who are passionate about reading or writing. You can easily connect with people who share your interests through this application. One of the best parts is that it connects readers and writers and helps writers shape their careers.

Free story and book world

It’s like a world of books and stories for users. It has millions of free books of all genres. Whatever you like, you will be able to find it here.

Create your own library

The Wattpad app allows you to create a library where you can easily sync any book or story you like with your account. So you can read it on any device you want, whether it’s your laptop, tablet, Kindle or iPhone.

Inline comments

One of Wattpad’s most popular features is inline comments. With inline commenting, you can comment on a specific verse or paragraph of your favorite story. It provides the perfect space for readers to connect and gives authors insight into how their words are perceived.


The latest Wattpad app features embedded multimedia where writers can enhance their creations by adding images, GIFs, and videos to their stories. It gives stories a distinct style and enhances readers’ imagination when reading them.

Other features

There are many other features that help storytellers and audiences connect with each other and immerse themselves in the world of different stories. Some of them are –

  • Broadcast message: Help the narrator share updates, hold contests, and most importantly connect with readers.
  • Quote Art: Allows fans to create something inspired by a story on Wattpad and share it.
  • Vote: Allow fans to vote for their favorite stories and encourage authors.
  • Offline reading: Syncing the Wattpad library to their account, fans can read any book from the library even without an internet connection.
  • Writing on mobile device: Author can write and upload stories from anywhere using mobile device.
  • Writer Analytics: Gives authors insight into the key information about their stories to help them tailor strategy to fan requirements.
  • Next Blockbuster Discovery: Tales of popular movies and series were first discovered on Wattpad. Examples: The Kissing Booth on Netflix, Light as a Feather on Hulu, Anna Todd’s After series, etc.

So get ready to use the Wattpad app right away and read what could be the next box office hit.

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