Download APK Likee v3.51.3 for Android

Likee app (formerly LIKE) is a short video creation and sharing platform available for iOS and Android operating systems. It is owned by a Singapore-based company named BIGO Technology.

This app allows users to star in their music videos and share them online. It has many video editing tools to assist users in making a great short video.

Global platform

Likee app gives you an international platform for creating short videos, giving you the chance to become famous. You can create short video using different features of Likee and share it with everyone.

Unique content

It gives you more than simple editing tools like color-changing filters for entertainment. It offers you loads of epic video effects, allowing you to create a masterpiece. Likee goes beyond with editing options as it can change hair color wonderfully, use 4D magic and create Super Power effects that users can use to create a set blockbuster movie.

Special effects

Likee app gives you loads of special effects, thousands of stickers and lots of magical emojis to make your photos unique. You are free to experiment as much as you want, making it the perfect tool for creating the best multimedia experience.

Home page

Likee app’s interface is neat and simple with just three categories Follow, Popular and Nearby. The videos shown on the Home Page are featured under these.

Charming look

Likee app has Makeup + Micro-surgery effects that allow users to apply makeup with just a few taps. With these features, you won’t need hours of makeup to look sexy. You can also use magic stickers and emojis to make your photos more attractive.

Filters and Stickers

It offers a huge number of filters including Supreme, Colorful Hair, Modern, Baby Pink, Original, Chic, Beautiful, etc. There are also other animated stickers. These filters and stickers let you do whatever you want with your images. The edits also look very realistic making your images more beautiful.

Likee video application

To upload your own videos, you need to create an account. But you can still watch other people’s videos without an account. Likee video app is packed with advanced magic video generator, providing exclusive custom clips, mix voiceover, sync, duet, trendy special effects and thousands of pictures paste.

Music magic filter

Likee introduces you to the advanced Music Magic filter. Using this feature, you can create exclusive Music Videos with special effects fully synchronized with the music beat.

Other features

Like also provides smart filters – such as Hair Color, 4D Magic, Face Magic, Superpowers, and more.

  • Turn your photos and videos into blockbuster movies in a flash with the fastest tool, Supreme.
  • Make your face look clean and gorgeous like a superstar with Face Magic.
  • Start your own video by creating it with Video Voiceover – a collection of voiceover scripts from the world’s most popular movies.
  • Experience new things with unique and interactive giveaways, gameplays and other effects in an innovative LIVE broadcasting platform.
  • Meet new people near you through short videos with Nearby.

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