Yahoo: Our Patent Sale Is Not A Fire

Yahoo says its new subsidiary, built to auction its IP, is not a set fire sale. But what if a troll has all that precious fortune? Last month, me solving possibilities that Yahoo could cause a rage of patent scams. I quoted the history of Starboard Value LP, the hedge fund that forced the Yahoo … Read more

The strange mind that makes Ethereum

Among those who happened to read Buterin’s article was Stephan Tual, a cryptocurrency enthusiast who eventually joined Vitalik’s team. “I got the whitepaper from Vitalik and I read it and … I fell on my back, so to speak, gasped and thought, this guy is a genius and I have to work for him,” remembers … Read more

Microsoft’s new secret weapon is Reid Hoffman

Does Satya understand society? I think he understands enough that he values ​​bringing our companies together, because it can really matter across a different set of Microsoft products and initiatives. In addition to being valuable LinkedIn in its own right, the combination could amplify some of their strategies. When I have written about Satya Very … Read more

There is a story. We are still up there.

Backchannel is moving to Condé Nast. Jessi Hempel is joining us. We are ready to grow. But we’ll still just publish the good stuff. Dear Backchannel readers, When I started writing about the digital revolution more than 30 years ago, technology journalism was a backward path. Today, that is the ocean. The dizzying changes from … Read more

How Casper wants to sell you sleep

On Facebook and Twitter, Casper shares links from his blog and Van Winkle’s blog to help advertise. It’s a small symbiotic ecosystem, creating a propaganda in favor of continuous sleep. When it doesn’t push its own posts, Casper’s Twitter feed hosts a pound collection of half-hearted thoughts about sleepiness. Viewed one by one, the tweets … Read more

A $ 50 million heist calls a new virtual currency a question. What should Ethereum do with it?

Despite claims of security, Bitcoin and other digital currency systems leaked millions. You tell me: How do I fix this? On June 17The thieves have made $ 50 million in virtual currency. It has been stolen from investors who deposited their savings into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, either KNIFE. As the largest community-funded project to … Read more

Hi, I’m Jessi | WIRED

Dear Backchannel readers, I’m Jessi Hempel, the new chief editor Channel back. I wrote my first story about digital media 11 years ago. At the time, I was a daring trainee, and as a reward for keeping a checklist and checking the facts, my editors let me do a little side project – a story … Read more